Certified Public Accounting

Planning Solid Foundations 

Individual Tax Preparation

   Have confidence your return is complete, accurate and timely filed.

CPAs  remove the labor intensive, inaccurate worries of do it yourself or drop off tax prep services. 

If you’re looking for accuracy and clear information without hold times,  we’re here to bring that clarity to your tax documents.   

Your return and your docs will come back to you in a pdf that keeps recordkeeping straightforward. 

Your  focus can remain on your work.

Call us:  (828) 337-1216. 

We’ll get you setup with hello.

Financial Statement Preparation

When your business or organization needs financial statements for a lender, a grant application, an application before a licensing board,  know it’s what we do.

We will provide complete and accurate financial statements both you and  the users of those statements will understand.

If you need assistance preparing for an audit, understanding management responsibilities, risk assessment and going concern documentation, give us a call.  There are excellent tools available to give you confidence you are ready.

Call us:  (828) 337-1216 

If you require attest services, please email a request for proposal. We respond to RFPs  even when we  cannot consider the audit engagement.



Tax Planning and Financial Analysis

 Working intuitively only works when your intuition is informed. 

We spent decades designing services that enable your accounting system to tell you what you need to know. 

 Assisting with startups, teaching you to design and monitor  internal controls, working regularly with analytical reviews, using accurate recordkeeping to reduce tax obligations, helping to develop a succession plan for the next generation  – we’re devoted to designing services  that support you where you are. 

If you don’t understand that sentence, you need our help.  Please call.  Accounting is not just overhead and it is not elite.  Strong accounting records serve you. 

PS:  If online recordkeeping software imports are more labor intensive,  less accurate than you had hoped – we help with that.

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Business Tax Preparation

  Accurate accounting systems gift straightforward reporting to the IRS and the correct states.

The tax learning curve  need not overwhelm.  Business owners make better decisions when they understand their business entity, how it’s affected by  the new norm of tax law change and how state allocations work (nexus).

Tempted  to leave  those decisions to the accountants.

We hope you’ll decide to rely on your accounting firm for accurate advice, and on assisting you to implement deceisions.  But, those informed  decisions are yours.  Your business depends on you more than the professionals serving you.

We’d like to assist you to  know how and why your financial records and returns are documented  as accurate.

Call  or email:


(828) 337-1216


Committed to Helping You

We are interested in understanding and meeting the needs of your business as well as making certain we earn your trust.  We prepare income tax returns and financial statements  for businesses, non profit organizations and individuals. We will assist you to respond to taxing authorities, eg, the IRS, states and counties.  We also assist you to respond to audit findings.  We speak QuickBooks® and Oracle for setup, support and training as well as various industry specific software.  We can assist you from business start up thru succession – working with your attorney,  broker and audit firm to design a clear method you are a part of every step of the way.  You will  be able to know the work is done well.

PS:  If you know you are on the disorganized side of the accounting world, you no longer need to throw information at the professionals serving you and hope.  There are tools that can help. Disorganization only leads to notices and misunderstandings that discredit  both  you and your accountant.  Hold onto that awesome personality and artistic ability and still learn to structure the financial records side of your life.  Truly.  You can do it.  Asheville is filled with artists who have done exactly that.  

Give us a call or drop an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Elizabeth Keel



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